“I think I shall always remember playing chess on the antique chess table, with the shutters open to the fresh Tuscan air and Puccini on the stereo.”

“We visited Villa Trenta for a one week family reunion with people aged 8-80. It was truly an experience of a lifetime. Beautiful, authentic, spacious and comfortable, the Villa was the perfect place.”

“It’s hard to believe, but Villa Trenta is even better in real life than it looks in these gorgeous photos. The owners are lovely and responsive, and although the villa is regal and elegant, it somehow feels as if you are staying with family friends.”

“From the first time reading about this property, to the final day of our family vacation here, our appreciation for this fabulous villa and its dedicated owner/manager just kept growing.”

“The property is spectacular. It feels like you are staying in a movie set, with massive rooms, frescoed walls, antique furnishings, incredible oil paintings, ornate wooden desks, massive old wine barrels, and inlaid marble floors.“