Well protected behind its impressive brick ramparts crowned with old plane trees, Lucca has been miraculously preserved from the passing of time and has maintained its unique medieval character. The chromatic unity of its buildings, the beauty of its Romanesque churches, the stunning Guinigi tower with its oak trees on top, the surprising Roman amphitheatre, make it one of the most attractive small cities to visit. In the surrounding countryside, wealthy merchants built majestic villas and parks that are quite unique in the world.


Pisa is of course the home of the famous tower, leaning over the enchanting Piazza dei Miracoli and its white marble buildings, but it is also much more than that. In fact, it’s a young and vibrant city that welcomes visitors its picturesque alleys where one longs to get lost. More spacious than Florence, it is also less austere with its yellow, pink and ochre palazzo reflecting over the waters of the Arno river, which bends here in the most majestic way.


The city of the Medici, the home of Dante (father of the Italian language), and a melting pot of humanist art, Florence occupies a magnificent setting best viewed from the Fiesole or San Miniato hills. The panorama takes in the red cupola of the Duomo, the white and green marble Giotto campanile and the stone bell tower of the Palazzo Vecchio, as well as the Arno river, the medieval Ponte Vecchio and the ochre- and grey-coloured palaces of the city.


A 30 minutes’ drive North of the Estate lies the Garfagnana region. This is a land of forgotten mountain villages and medieval castles. Rivers run wild in deep gorges and feed hidden lakes whose pristine waters often hide surprise ruins that intrepid swimmers can explore. The cool mountain air means it is a perfect place for summer hikes. Garfagnana is especially famous for its numerous culinary specialties including cheese, cured meats, chestnuts products and the rare Formeton corn flour. In summer, visitors flock to the charming little town of Barga to listen to the many concerts of the Opera Barga and Barga Jazz music festivals.

Cinque Terre, Versilia and the Tuscan Archipelago

From the romantic painted houses of the Cinque Terre and the Gulf of Poets to the trendy beaches of Versilia and the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago, the coasts of Tuscany and Liguria offer some of the most beautiful seaside spots in the world. All within a short ride from Lucca, they make the ideal spot for a refreshing daytrip. Don’t hesitate to ask us for tips and secret spots!

Wine tours and excursions

Tuscany is undoubtedly famous for its thousands of incredible wines, unique olive oil and flavourful cheese. A trip to Tuscany is a unique opportunity to meet the people behind these wonders of the palate, as many producers love to welcome visitors in their cellars and olive groves to take them through the magical journey of crafting some of Italy’s finest products. We’ll gladly recommend you some of our favourites.