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Natural, wholesome, sustainable

We pride ourselves in cultivating our lands with the utmost love and respect for nature and care for the environment, using only natural products and working the soil with our own hands.

The villas of Lucca are a living testimony of the enduring relationship between mankind and nature; a relationship built on mutual respect and exchange. As owners, we believe that it is our duty to ensure that future generations can still witness the beauty, diversity and power of nature, and that as farmers we must act as stewards, and not masters, of the earth.

For us, this is much more than a desire to bring the best possible products to our clients; it is our way of life.

Olive Oil

The hills around the estate are covered with olive trees, and for generations we have turned their precious fruits into an outstanding extra virgin olive oil.

The olives, which come exclusively from our own trees, are handpicked in October and cold pressed within 48 hours of harvest at the local mill. Our blend is made up of Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo and Pendolino varieties.

The result is a perfect balance of fruity, bitter and spicy notes. After pressing, the oil is kept in steel tanks in our cellar and bottled without filtering to preserve all the depth of its aroma.


While wine has been produced on the estate for centuries, the vineyards had been gradually abandoned to make room for other crops.

Fortunately, we managed to save a plot of perfectly oriented old vines and decided to bring it back to life, bottling our first wine in 2019. In addition, we are replanting another plot on the estate with traditional local varieties.

We produce both red and white wines, and the entire winemaking process takes place in our cellar. Our vines grow grapes that are rich in flavour, resulting in wines that are both light and fruity.


There is nothing quite like the taste of homegrown juicy tomatoes, fresh zucchini and purple eggplants, and nothing like the Tuscan sun to reveal their full flavours. Right between Villa Volpi and Villa Trenta, our little vegetable garden provides us with most of what we need use in the kitchen, to the greatest delight of our happy guests.


Our chickens, whose lovely chirps can be heard as you enter the driveway, certainly are the centre of attention at Tenuta Trenta Volpi. White, red, big and small, they spend their time running around and digging for worms and make the most delicious eggs.


From figs and plums to lemons and kiwis, dozens of fruit trees are scattered around the property, the breeze carrying the sweet scents of their colourful flowers and fruits through the fields. Don’t hesitate to ask what is available when you visist!

Jams & Other Preserves

Rainy days and heavy harvests are the perfect excuse to transform our fruits and vegetables into delicious preserves. From simple jams to olives in brine or capers in salt, these preparations exalt and sublimate tastes.


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